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Los Jefes Investments & Consulting... 

was created by Kevin Morantes when he "found a better way." Since High School, Kevin always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From breeding Champion "Frenchies" and "American Bulldogs" to a Power Washing Company, every venture he has ever tackled has been successful. Kevin began like everyone else buying stocks, buying options, buying cryptocurrency; and although these investments provided excellent ROI's (return on investments), they were not providing him with a passive income. Kevin was reminded of the California Gold Rush and remembered the very 1st millionaire was selling the dynamite, shovels and gold panning equipment. He soon thereafter developed a strategy, unbeknownst to him that has been used by accredited investors for over one century. This strategy allowed him to leverage the stocks he owns for the "long term" and profit off of them on a weekly to monthly basis collecting a premium. If you are going to own stocks anyway, might as well make money off of them as they move up and down. He later applied a variation of this strategy into the budding world of cryptocurrency and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Since achieving his own financial freedom and success; within years of graduating from High School, he decided to not only teach his strategies to others; but develop a world-class team of educators, financial experts, luxury brand and real estate agents to assist individuals in achieving greater measures of success and excellence in their own lives with one goal: "To be your own boss." Become a Jefe! Multiple forms of passive income coming to you regularly, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want - to not have to work a 9 to 5 anymore  is what Kevin and his team teach individuals just like you. Whether you are a recent graduate or retired and looking for some more money to combat inflation, it takes nothing more than for you to take action. Contact Kevin and his team today.

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