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The Jefes:

Kevin Morantes


Kevin specializes in finding the very best stocks for you; companies you believe in and will be happy to own their stocks for years to come. Then he shows you how to leverage those stocks to make a shitload of money.

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Anthony Galima


Anthony is a global Decentralized Finance expert. He teaches you what crypto to buy, where to buy it and when to buy it. Then he shows you the most important part: where to put these digital assets. How to leverage those cryptocurrency assets within DeFi to make a shitload of money.

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Available Position


If DeFi environments and cryptos have been king; Web3, Metaverse and "gaming to earn" projects/environments are not far behind. Kevin is one of the many individuals who love gaming and has already taken the leap into the Quantum. Virtual horse racing to real estate in the Sandbox or Decentraland; people everyday are making additional forms of revenue that defy reality. If you have had success within NFTs, Crypto Kitties, Bored Apes, virtual land...if you regularly make money streaming on Twitch and "gaming"... contact Kevin today.

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