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Los Jefes Investments & Consulting, LLC


Our TEAM is FULLY REMOTE and growing. If you are in South Florida, we would certainly be happy to meet with you. If you have an iPhone, please tell us below and we can arrange a FREE Facetime consultation. 

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Image by Ryan Parker

During this age of "Remote Working" and record high inflation; many individuals are choosing to live in exotic locations where their money goes far. From the beaches of Honduras to Medellin Colombia, beautiful towns and cities offer a more abundant lifestyle and simpler pace. Generations of crypto millionaires have a very different philosophy on "ownership." In fact, people like the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin travels around with a backpack and rents all over the world. Los Jefes can teach you how to capitalize from this professional workforce with professional salaries not looking to be tied down and enjoy new experiences.

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