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Our clients range from recent graduates to accredited investors to retired individuals living on fixed incomes. If you want to change your life; if you want to learn about stocks and options; about cryptocurrency and DeFi; if you want to have your money start making you more money; you qualify to be one of our clients and a member of the Los Jefes Family.

Los Jefes teaches from experience. We teach our clients the very same practices we have used in our professional lives; the very same solutions we have passed along to our mothers, brothers, sisters and cousins. There are no books or courses that will teach you about virtual real estate or NFTs or DeFi or option plays; only books and courses claiming such. By the time it is "written" or "known" it is already obsolete. Our clients understand how to continue to learn, while gaining an early foothold within the "new" or "quantum financial system" knocking on humanity's doorstep.


“I'm a single mother. I work 40 hours a week. I was making just enough money to live struggling paycheck to paycheck. Kevin taught me how to build up my portfolio and eventually sell options. Now I have a passive monthly income that is more than I make working 40 hours a week. He changed my life and I'm sure he can do the same for you.”

     -Alexis Smith, Truck Dispatcher​​

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